Experience the beauty of the lagoon – guided boat tours

The Venetian lagoon is a much overlooked part of Venice. It is nevertheless an integral part of the history and culture of Venice. Without the lagoon there would have been no Venice, and without Venice the would have been no lagoon. Our private boat tours will show you a Venice most people ignore.

The lagoon is a natural environment, with unique tidal salt marshes, winding canals and a plethora of birdlife. However, the lagoon is also full of fragments of Venetian history and culture.

The boat tours in the Venetian lagoon

Our boats tours in the Venetian lagoon can have many different destinations, such as Lazzaretto Nuovo, Poveglia or San Francesco del Deserto..

Lazzaretto Nuovo has a unique place in the history of Venice, and of the world, as the first quarantine station in the world. The Venetians invented the very concept of quarantine on this island. It is now a museum, offering guided visits, and I’ll be your private guide on the visit.

San Francesco del Deserto is another small island in the northern lagoon. In 1220 St. Francis stayed on the island on his way back from a pilgrimage to the Holy land. It carries his name since 1228 when owner donated the island to a newly founded Franciscan monastery, which has been there ever since. The monastery can be visited by appointment with the monks.

The island of Poveglia was in the later 1700s one of the Venetian lazzaretti, that is to say, one of the Venetian plague islands. Later there was a hospital on the island. The island is now, unjustly, famous as a haunted island.

Prices and booking

The boat tours in the lagoon are a cooperation with Classic Boats Venice.

Classic Boats Venice supplies the boats, and I’ll do the guiding, but on the boat tour and whatever visits we’ll do during the tour.

are traditional Venetian boats. fitted with a silent electrical engine.

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